Mourning the Glacier: Sounding Room Document #1 is written from the personal perspective of one of the co-founders of the project, Felecia Chizuko Carlisle. It is a compilation of shared images and texts that were collected during  pre- and post production.  The loose choreographies and improvised scripts were written after the fact, and based on the story of the melting glacier, a point of focus for this on-going and experimental narrative. Ten artists came together in small groups for three discreet performance based events. Each participant contributed some artifact or trace from their own artistic practice. Each gathering and subsequent improvisational performance became one in a three part series. Filled with objects such as hanging microphone assemblages, amplified piano strings, suspended drumheads, components of an unbuilt stage, musical saws and jugs, and a video projection of a melting glacier, the gallery space was transformed into an imaginary landscape of narrative possibilities. The artists explored those possibilities through sound and action. Mourning the Glacier: Sounding Room Document #1 is published by Emerson Dorsch Press.




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All of the live performances for Sounding Room 2015 at Locust Projects were recorded courtesy of Nam June Psyche, a project Valerie George began in 2010 to document and archive collaborations with other artists, soundmakers, noisemakers, landscapes, soundscapes, and the rain.  The ARCHIVE VOLUME VI/Mourning the Glacier was created by meditating on all of the artists' recurrent conversations surrounding nautical metaphors while sifting through the recorded material from all three performances.


"I set out to create an aural narrative that brought to life all our emotive responses to the sounds of the the melting glacier (which can be heard as the baseline for almost every track) our experimental instruments, and the visual tone of the space. The result is an album that introduces a cast of electrified characters whose voices call to and from the sea."

Valerie George






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Funding and resources were provided by Locust Projects, Foundation for Contemporary Art Emergency Grant, University of West Florida, Stanford University and participating artists. 


Additional support for Sounding Room was provided by Cannonball through its WaveMaker Grants program, which is part of the Andy Warhol Foundation’s Regional Regranting Program. WaveMaker Grants is supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs.


Special contributions were made by Emerson Dorsch, Nam June Psyche, Archival Feedback, Red’s Miami, Bill Roberts.